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Additional Images from 1950 onwards

Advertising and brochures

More marketing from the 1970's

Drama at Suters

Pancake day competition in High Street Slough in 1970s

Old Uxbridge Film stills - Mayor (George) Arthur Suter & Suters Uxbridge

Behind the Scenes at Suters of Slough and Uxbridge

Slough Observer June 1938

Outside photos of Suters Uxbridge and Slough

Suters in Switzerland

Advertising and brochures (Click on image to enlarge)

[See also Suters advertising from the Ledbury era till close of business in 1978 at Slough and Uxbridge ]

Vogue March 1964 & from 1960s

Vogue December 1963 Come "Store-gazing" campaign Vogue - April 1964 and "Spring store-gazing brochure below


Detailed brochure pages of the brochures from the 1960s here....


More marketing from the 1970's here....


The Suters flag was on both stores in Uxbridge and Slough until the sale of the company in 1978 - The Union Jack would have been there on special occasions and a red and white "Sale" flag when the sale was on


Marketing in the late 1960s & 1970s

1970s Advertising - Dick Suter (Richard) was responsible as Sales Promotion Director

Below: A selection of ads from the 1970s

image supplied by Slough Museum

See Suters "Scandinavia" brochure here

A Daily Telegraph article from 8th March 1971 with one of the stockists is Suters of Uxbridge

Slough College of Technology Magazine - 1970- 1971

The majority of Suters Ltd advertising was with local newspapers, sponsorship programmes and some public transport advertising as well as glossy magazines like Vogue. When the Greater London based radio station LBC Radio which was originally known as the London Broadcasting Company started broadcasting in 1973, Suters in Slough and Uxbridge ran several ads on the station during the early weeks.

Advertisement in the Fulcrum Theatre, Slough programme in 1977. The theatre closed in the 1980s and later became a cinema. Image supplied by Slough 1970s Facebook Group.

More advertisements at Suters advertising from the Ledbury era till close of business in 1978 at Slough and Uxbridge and Additional Suters Promotional Advertising in the 1970s

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Drama at Suters

TV/ Film drama filmed at Suters of Slough in early 1960s - pictures below of Dick Suter (Richard) in shirt and tie with members of cast and crew

"Supercar" and "Stingray" come to Suters in Slough

View the complete set of images of AP Films of the Supercar and Stingray visits here

Carry on Camping - The 1969 comedy "carry on" film was shot at Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath which is located between Slough and Uxbridge.

In one scene two of the characters return from a shopping trip with purchases wrapped up in the distinctive white and green Suters Department Stores bags.

According to the Wikipedia Page for The Everyman Cinema in Gerrards Cross (Originally The Playhouse) and in the 1969 became The Essoldo "the exterior of the building is shown in its original splendour. The scene where they are watching Nudist Paradise was also filmed at the Playhouse".

In 1969 the Film "The Battle of Britain" was released. The newly refurbished "Essoldo opened on Saturday 29 November 1969, with a charity performance of the Battle of Britain, starring Laurence Olivier. The guest of honour to the event was Air Chief Marshal Sir Gareth Clayton of the RAF".

At Suters there was a promtion for the new Essoldo Cinema that had luxury seats and one of these was displayed on the ground floor at both stores between 10 November and 29 November. The seats were on view with a competion to win tickets for the Battle of Britain film.

The Slough Observer of Friday 28 November 1969 has a report "Phantasmagorical" about The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car stopping outside Suters of Slough in the High Street with ten year old Actor Adrian Hall presenting the winners of the store's competition "Battle of Britain" competition with tickets being presented to Mr and Mrs Robert Clarke of Bagshot, Surrey for the film showing at the Essoldo In Gerrards Cross on Saturday 29th. Slough Observer newspaper article here

Philip Suter remembers his parents John and Bobbie Suter were invited to the charity performance on the 29 November. The Battle Of Britain Bunker is located at the Old RAF Uxbridge site.

Battle of Britain Film and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang October 1969 in Spotlight - Suters House Journal - Click on image to go to PDF

Dick Suter with Adrian Hill and the car from 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang outside Suters in Slough in November 1969

Left: Article from Slough Observer 28 November 1969 about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car and winning tickets in Essoldo Cinema, Gerrards Cross "Battle of Britain" film tickets competition.

One of the 1960s Autumn brochures produced by Dick Suter featured models photographed at various locations in the area including Pinewood Studios.Visit the brochure page here

See also - The FireChasers movie 1971

- ITV - Thames Television News Report - Decline in The High Street. -1976 - Shaw Taylor interviewing David Suter Managing Director of Suters (Intreview actually took place outside Ratners jewellers)


More News from Suters Ltd

Left: Article from Windsor Slough & Eton Express Friday February 20 1970 - Seventeen year old Linda Taylor a boutique model at The Rotunda Club in Britwell, Slough "Lights out - but fashion show still goes on" Click on image to read article

Harry Ponton receives 25 year long service award

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Pancake day competition in High Street Slough in 1970s sponsored by Suters of Slough

Friendliness is a place called Suters on competitors shirts Images from old cine film courtesy of Ginny and Dick Suter

1976 Picture courtesy of Constance Rainer 1976 when she ran the pancake race for Suters . She was between number 15 and 19 . She almost came last but it was good fun !!

Friendliness is a place called Suters September/October 1972 in Suters Spotlight Staff Magazine

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Old Uxbridge Film Stills

Below stills from old Uxbridge film showing Mayor Arthur Suter leaving RAF Uxbridge, Inspecting the marching and RAF Uxbridge airmen marching past Burtons opposite Suters.


Below scenes from old film of Uxbridge in the 1950s outside and inside Suters

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Behind the Scenes at Suters of Slough and Uxbridge

Left cash office Slough

and at Uxbridge See also Lamson System

Left General office Slough

Staff entrances - Clocking in and out system

Slough and Uxbridge See also Staff Clocking in and out at Suters

Right staff staircase at Slough

Left staff staircase at Uxbridge

Dispatch area at Uxbridge and Slough below

Staff dining facilities - Uxbridge


See also Staff Restaurant Facilities

Kitchen at Slough for Customer and staff use:

Buying Office Slough

Basement Uxbridge

Slough display signage studio

Uxbridge display studio in basement and below Cookware / China

stockroom over old ramp to ground floor

Soft furnishings workroom Slough

Left & below Boardroom at Slough

David Suter, Peter Bradford, John Suter and Clarence Suter

Left corridor on 3rd floor, at end entrance to Directors' suite

Left in the Directors' suite. desk at entance occupied by secretary Mrs D Dovey, behind her door to office with roof access occupied by Alan Wells and Tom Suter. Strong room door on right.

Left office occupied by David Suter, Peter Bradford and John Suter and the door to right of bookshelves lead into the boardroom.

Below Offices at Uxbridge

Left: General Office

Left: Personnel office and Training room

Left: Training room at Slough 1978 See also Training Staff at Suters

Unfortunately no images available of service basement at Slough. This took up approximately one third of basement / lower ground floor and accommodated a display studio, boiler room, power room including battery back up lihjting battteries, maintenace stores and original despatch area that the parcel shute ended up at.

Warehouse in Stoke Gardens Slough See also Fisher and Denning Ltd

Earlier warehouse and base for subsidary Fisher & Denning in India Road, Slough

Staff accommodation in Datchet

See also Suters Staff Accommodation

Transport for a fashion show put on by Suters at an outside venue in Hillingdon

See also:

Suters advertising from the Ledbury era till close of business in 1978 at Slough and Uxbridge

Further Miscellaneous Facts and Information from the Suters era at Uxbridge and Slough

Shopfitting at Suters in Uxbridge

Suters Department Stores - Price Tags, Invoices, Order Forms, Bags Plus


Below rear of Slough 1967 and 1978

Limited space for Director's cars or delivery vans

Below Uxbridge 1978


Christmas at Suters of Slough in 1960s

Outside High Street Slough in 1960s

High Street Slough in 1970s era with Suters on the far right. This image courtesy of the Slough 1970s Facebook group does not enlarge.



See also

Internal Photos of Suters in Slough and Uxbridge June 1978

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Suters of Slough Advertisement in the Slough Observer June 1938 (click on image to enlarge)

Front Page of Slough Oberserver June 1938 with Frank Farr & Sons advertisement (click on image to enlarge) Philip Suter established Frank Farr & Sons residential lettings department in 1984 (More information here)

Going down memory lane with the Slough Observer in 1994 with a picture of outside Suters of Slough during War Weapons Week in May 1941 with the mayor completing a model of a destroyer (click on image to enlarge)

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Rotary Club of Uxbridge 1954 - John Suter Middle row 4th from left - click on photo below to enter Uxbridge Roatary Club site. The Uxbridge club was founded in 1932

More information about John Suter Here

More information about John Suter and the Uxbridge Rotary Club Here


After the sale of Suters, what happened to various family members involved with the company?.......


Finally, since 1978 since Suters Ltd was sold and initially re-branded as Owen Owen there are still numerous businesses in Britain and further afield like in Switzerland where the "Suter" name is very popular.

Here we have a couple of examples of jewellers / bijouterie Suter (above) with John and Bobbie Suter in the late 1960s and below supplied in 2013 by another member of the Suter family who was visiting Switzerland.

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We understand further information about Suters Ltd can be found at the Slough Museum, Slough Berks Find out more Here

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