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Suters Price tags, invoices, bags, order forms + from 1960s (Click on image to enlarge)


Suter Ltd top part of letterhead from late 1950s / 1960s (This one was used for a dividend for John Suter in 1962) At that time directors listed were Clarence (W.C.Suter), John, Arthur ( G.A.Suter), Tom, Frank, Tony (A.F.Suter) and David. It shows branches as Uxbridge, Slough, Windsor, Ruislip and Ashford (Middx).

x These were replaced by:

Dividend Voucher letter

Bills and Invoices

Above 1975 Uxbridge bill and right 1975 Uxbridge "Czarina" bill

Left: Back of Cazrina branded bill from 1978, below left back of Uxbridge bill from 1975 and back of Slough bill from 1975

1964 Slough Bill

Suters Slough - Credit Sales Invoice

Suters Slough - Cash Sales Invoice

Suters Uxbridge - Sales Invoice

Accounts for Customers - Leaflets here....

Deliveries +

Despatch tie on label from 1970s

Delivery label from 1970s

Delivery Notes

See Delivery Service for Customers at Suters

Feedback from Customers

Customer feedback comment card

Price Tag

Price Tag

Order forms

Suters AIS (Associated Independent Stores) Order Form

Suters Slough "Special Order" form from 1970s printed by the Kenion Press Ltd, Slough. This would have been for ordering items like curtain rails for customers.

With compliments slip

Card sent to customers advising their special order was awaiting collection

Labels for clothing

Suters fabric labels that were in suits, ties and other items of mens clothing

Bags and wrapping paper

x Left: Suters Slough & Uxbridge "Czarina" bag 1970s

and from an earlier era at Christmas in the 1950's

Carry on Camping - The 1969 comedy "carry on" film was shot at Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath which is located between Slough and Uxbridge.

In one scene two of the characters return from a shopping trip with purchases wrapped up in the distinctive white and green Suters Department Stores bags (below). The same design was used for wrapping paper and plastic bags as illustrated in the Carry on Camping fim.

Box for clothing sales

Traffic Lights boutique bag See also Traffic Lights boutique Suters Uxbridge

Suters Country Card - a means of shopping whereby a customer made several purchases in the store and the purchases were taken to the Reception Desk whilst the customer continued shopping

Czarina labels

To compete with the buying power of the larger retail groups developing, many of these family stores had joined a buying and marketing group like the ISA -Independent Stores Association with the Czarina brand name.A large range of products throughout the stores had the Czarina brand label on them. This organisation was later to become Associated Independent Stores - AIS and there are still many family run department stores who are part of it. The Czarina logo was also used on advertising, bags and the back of sales bills.

image supplied by Slough Museum

See Independent Stores Association page

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Branded merchandise

Suters mens boxed Cufflinks

See also Training Staff at Suters

See also Trainee Staff Training at Suters

Clocking in and out cards - See also Staff Clocking in and out at Suters

Staff application form - note bottom line in relation to "Clock No" as per Clocking in and out

Suters Slough Confirmation of appointment

Suters - Staff badge for managers, buyers etc - sales staff had individual name badges

Suters outside business, party and function Catering Services

Suters Ltd Customer monthly account card

Suters Ltd Staff discount card

An earlier version for family members (this image does enlarge)

Accounts for customers at Suters Ltd - Find out more here

Above information on accounts over the years and left a Payment record Card for goods on Hire Purchase and Extended Credit - Click on images and go to Accounts page. Below card sent with credit card to customers.


Book matches for customers of the "Tirol Restaurant" at Slough


Memo and Instruction headers (image does not enlarge) used for internal memos and important instructions

Instead of using photocopiers for producing memos and other staff documentation a "Roneo" stencil would be made and duplicated on a Roneo machine. No doubt had the company not sold out in 1978 there would have been a change to modern photocopying.

Business Cards

Business cards showing 5 branches - Uxbridge, Slough, Windsor, Ruislip & Ashford (Middx) 2 lines Uxbridge 38341 and 3 lines

Arthur Suter (G.A. Suter) showing 5 branches

John Suter only for Slough and Uxbridge

Tony Suter business card after disposal of Ashford, Ruislip and Windsor shops

Estimates and Acceptance

Carpet Estimate acceptance slip

Soft Furnishing Estimate and acceptance slip

A 3 page guide on how to look after your clothes (Click on image above to go to page)

See also:

Carpets and Soft Furnishings

Further Miscellaneous Facts and Information from the Suters era at Uxbridge and Slough

Shopfitting at Suters in Uxbridge

Additional Suters photos and marketing from the 1960s onwards


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We understand further information about Suters Ltd can be found at the Slough Museum, Slough Berks Find out more Here

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