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Staff Rule Book at Suters Ltd

Suters staff were provided with a very comprehensive rule book and the 22 page copy below would have been from the 1970s era. After this document was produced the Uxbridge store moved onto six day trading (and not closing on a Wednesday afternoon) and the Uxbridge store had a post code and more choice of hot and cold food at lunchtime in the staff restaurant other than "tea, coffee, cold drinks and biscuits".

There is a "Welcome to Suters" by David Suter the Managing Director

"I offer you a warm welcome to Suters, not only on behalf of myself but also all present members of the staff and a whole family of Suters, many of whom will be working with you. Our firm was founded in 1920 by my grandfather, G. W. Suter, and my father W. C Suter, in a small shop in Slough High Street. From the earliest days there have been considerable additions to our premises including the acquisition of the Uxbridge store in 1924, rebuilt on the present site in 1938 and the rebuiding of the Slough store between 1959 and 1962.

Since 1920 our business has depended on the courtesy shown, and the personal interest taken, by all our staff in our customers and their needs. If you can make each customer feel that she or he is the most important person you meet, you will find your work rewarding, and we shall follow with interest your progess in your section.

You will find that we are continuallu aware of the need to provide good opportunities for promotion within our organisation, and you will be able to improve your knowledge of retailing by taking full advantage of our training section. We want your work with us to be satisfying and enjoyable in the friendliest surroundings. This booklet is designed to make this possible by displaying these rules which have been built up over the years to enable us all to work together in harmony. I hope you will find them interesting, but if you would lkie further information about the rules or any other matter connected with the business, do not hesitate to ask your Department Manager, Store Manager, or or one of the Directors.

D.C. Suter, Managing Director"

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Welcome to Suters

Senior Management at Suters Ltd

The Customer to Store Opening Hours (Uxbridge Store opened six days a week by 1976)

Store Closing Time to Communications

Spotlight Magazine - Suters House Journal

Hours of Work to Meal Times

See also: Staff Restaurant Facilities

Five day week at Slough Store

Five day week at Uxbridge Store to Terms of Engagement

Pay to Staff Entrance

See also: Staff Clocking In and Out at Suters

Staff Luggage to Lifts and Escalators

Staff Discount

Suters Ltd Staff discount card

Staff shopping time to Annual Holidays

Annual Holidays continued

Sickness or Injury

Notice and termination of Emplyment

Personnel Department

Staff Dress to Staff Badges

Suters - Staff badge for managers, buyers etc - sales staff had individual name badges

Staff Dishonesty to Lost Property

Test Purchases to Smoking

Voice Paging System

See also: Communications Within the Stores

Fire Drill and Precautions

See also: Fire Detection Systems at Suters

Waste Not to Departmental Rubbish

See also: Delivery Service for Customers at Suters

Private Letters and Telephone Calls to Collections Raffles etc


Earlier version from January 1968

This edition also included the staff discount card

Source Robert Suter archives 2021

See also Training Staff at Suters


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Source of images, unless otherwise stated - Suter family archives


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