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Promotional advertising brochures from Suters Ltd in the 1960s (7)


In the early 1960s when Suters in Slough had been re-built, a series of promotional brochures were designed to attract customers. Dick Suter in conjunction with ISP in High Wycombe produced the earlier ones.

Apart from a selection of brochures from the early 1960s on this site covering merchandise from all over Suters Department Stores, there were also special event brochures produced in 1969/70s like the one below featuring products from Scandinavia. Related information on this Sandinavian Promotion Here


Brochure Page 1 | Brochure Page 2 | Brochure Page 3 | Brochure Page 4 | Brochure Page 5 | Brochure Page 6 | Brochure Page 7

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Scandinavia at Suters 25th September - 18th October 1969

Newspaper advertisements like the one below were also used for this promotion

The Scandinavian soldier posters were to be found throughout both stores.

Suters staff Magazine Spotlight Scandinavia at Suters - click on image to open PDF

Suters staff Magazine Spotlight Scandinvian Observations - click on image to open PDF

On the last page of the Scandinavia at Suters brochure are glassware from Iittala of Finland - quite expensive in 1969 / 1970, over £6 for a pair of giant wine goblets.

In May 2019 these excellent Iittala glasses that have not aged are still available, although mostly on line from Finland.

These were bought at Helsinki Airport and as this other image states "Timeless Design Since 1881" and a lot less expensive than in the 1969 / 1970 era. Below is an article by Mr F. W. Tomlin on his visit to Finland on a buying trip and visiting the littalia factory and being entertained by this historic company.

Suters staff Magazine Spotlight My Journey to littala in Finland F.W. Tomlin - June 1970 - Click on Spotlight image to open as PDF

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