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Niche Players by Dick Suter

In November 1998 Dick Suter wrote an aricle for the Internationals in Belgium about the Volkswagen Sharan a seven seater MPV and the Land Rover Freelander

He wrote a lot of articles on popular cars at the time for Internationals in Belgium and the Belgian distributors lent him the vechicle for a week. In the article "Niche Players" Dick talks about "A summer break in the south of France was the perfect occasion to put the VW Sharan MPV to the test. Firstly there were going to be five adults travelling south, four were on the return trip. Then, the "break was of only five days, including travelling time, so the vehicle needed to be swift if a combination of touring and socialising were to be achieved. As the passengers had enough luggage for weeks space was at a premium".

Philip and Gráinne Suter were two of the party on the drive from Belgium via Luxembourg into France in August 1998. There was certainly plenty of room and the height of the vehicle was a bonus too for seeing the scenery. We stopped on the way down for the night in Valence south of Lyon and then stayed with friends at Cap-d'Ail on the border with Monaco.

Read the article in full here or click on the image below (opens as PDF)

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Original article appearing in "Internationals in Belgium" Dick Suter was an editor of the magazine and contributor and Ginny Suter was a regular contributor in the late 1990's and 2000's - The magazine had a circulation of 10,000 Please note that this article was first published many years ago and telephone and fax numbers are likely to be out of date and email addresses have been removed.

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