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Autosport articles from 1965, 1966 and 1999 by Dick Suter

Dick Suter wrote several articles for "Autosport" during the 1960's whilst he was living and working in Italy. He also wrote articles for the magazine whilst in Belgium several years later in the 1980s.

There are four articles from the 1960s and one from 1999 that can be accessed by clicking on the images below that are reproduced with the kind permission of Autosport January 2nd 2014. "Dear Philip, Thank you for your email. Yes you can run those articles so long as it clearly states they are reproduced with the kind permission of Autosport. I'm sorry but I am unable to confirm the period that he worked for us as we don't have this information on record. I wish you every success with this tribute. Best regards, Andrew -- Andrew van de Burgt, Editor-in-chief Autosport"

Click on the images below to read the individual articles as a PDF...

Robert Bussinello - A profile by Dick Suter - December 24/31, 1965 As with French, German and most languages but English there are two ways of saying "you" in Italian: the formal and the friendly. After a few minutes' conversation with Robert Bussinello before the Italian Grand Prix he dropped any formalities. This is typical of the man, who is refreshingly more natural than many of the stars of the Italian circuits. Read the article in full here...

More information here about his De Tomaso F1

Formula 3 Victory for Lola - Mike Beckwith wins at Monza - May 13, 1966 Following up his victory in the F3 Juan Jover Trophy at Barcelona the previous weekend Mike Beckwith once again showed winning form when he won the Vigorelli trophy for F3 cars at Monza on 1st May. Last year's winner, and winner of the F3 race at Monza the previous weekend, Jonathan Williams, was less than a quarter of a car's length behind after battling with Beckwith for the entire 30-lap final, while Chris Irwin was almost up Williams's exhaust-pipe as they crossed the line. Read the article in full here...

The Agip Trophy - September 9, 1966 The F3 race preceding the Italian Grand Prix ran to true Monza F3 form on Sunday when Jonathan Williams beat Ernesto Brambilla in another classic photo finish. So close was the race that Brabham mounted Brambilla was given the decision until the camera verdict was produced; so convinced was Brambilla that he had won that he jumped onto the winner's rostrum to the applause of his large following. But Italian honour was saved, as the Williams victory also meant another win for the Rome-based De Sanctis. Read the article in full here...

Brambilla wins Monza dodgem race - Italian driver and F3 Brabham take the honours in the fifteenth 'Monza Autodrome Cup' - September 30, 1966 Local Hero Ernesto Brambilla beat some tough opposition on 18th September when he crossed the finishing line first after a 30-lap final of some of the hairicst F3 motoring yet seen at Monza. In winning this race he became Italian F3 Champion for 1966, although the De Sanctis team has the national constructors' championship under its belt. In the final Jonathan Williams was forced to retire when another competitor spun in front of him at the entrance to the Parabolica, and this put paid to his chances of a seventh consecutive victory in F3 races in Italy. Read the article in full here...

Peugeot whitewash at Spa - July 8, 1999 - The trio of 306s was invincible in the 24 hours, once a host of early challenges faded. Peugeot scored a one-two-three clean sweep in the Spa 24 hours with its trio of importer-supported 306s. Frenchmen Emmanuel Collard and Anthony Beltoise combined with Belgian Frederic Bouvy to pilot the winning car which finnished one lap ahead of the sister machine of Thierry Tassin, Thierry van Dalen and Kurt Mollekens. Read the article in full here...

These articles have been reproduced with the kind permission of Autosport.


Unfortunately, although Dick wrote further atricles for Autosport we were not able to find any amongst his personal archives or by contacting Autosport.

In February 2015, Dick Suter's son in law's company held a company event in Cannes where David Coulthard and Mark Gallagher were involved. Dick's son in law Dik was talking to Mark saying his late father in law wrote for Autosport and a few days later received an email from Mark "Dear Dik Thanks for your message and also the hospitality shown to David and me last night. I checked about the Dick Suter connection and it appears I edited some of his stories for Autosport magazine in the 1980s and that my friend Marcus Simmons did the same in the 1990s. Small world indeed! "

With Dick Suter's career at Champion Spark Plugs in Belgium part of his role was to go to motor racing events, including Formula One as the company would be advertising. In the course of these visits he met many of the well known F1 racing drivers regularly including David Coulthard, Jenson Button, Alain Prost, Martin Brundle, Johnny Herbert, Damon Hill, Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Felipe Massa and many other well known names. At Monaco a yacht would often be charterred and members of the various F1 teams entertained on board.

On the yacht in Monaco - Ginny Suter on right of picture


De Tomaso F1 driven by Robert Bussinello

The image on the left was taken from 10th Grand Pix Historique - Monaco 2016 programme (It also appeared in the 2014 edition) and driven by Robert Bussinello in 1961 in the Italian Grand Prix.

The Historic Monaco Grand Prix was a great favourite for Dick Suter and David Bouch who passed away shortlly before the May 2016 event.

Left: Dick and Ginny Suter at the 2008 Grand Prix Historique / Historic Monaco Grand Prix - Monaco

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