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Display Services - Window and internal promotional displays at Suters Ltd


The display teams at Slough and Uxbridge stores were an essential part of the marketing of merchandise from the shop in Ledbury High Street onwards. At Uxbridge there was windows space at the front and rear and when the Slough store was rebuilt in the 1960s, there were lots of windows down one side in the arcade next to Milwards Shoes. This space was very much restricted when the new Queensmre shopping centre was established.

As well as organising external window displays, the display teams would be responsible for producing internal promotional displays.



John Suter receiving second prize £20 in a display competion from John Kaye and Son (Huddersfield) Ltd - woollen manufacturers presented by Miss Kaye

In February 1977 the article below was in the Slough Observer and was written by Douglas Walter (pictured in 1955) who had been the display manager at Slough for a number of years.

Source: Tom Suter archives 2020

Unfortunately we do not have any further photos of member of the teams in the archives or other names apart from Peter Curry who was one of the display managers until looking after the shopfitting projects in the mid 1970s.

Slough display signage studio third floor

There was also the main display studio in the Slough basement, but have no pictures of it.

Uxbridge display studio in basement

In November 2021 Harvey Powell made contact with a photo an press cutting about his mother, Jacqueline Eaton who was a 19 year old display artist at the Uxbridge Store. She won a competition to name the "Traffic Lights Boutique". See Traffic Lights Boutique at Suters


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