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The Owen Owen Trust

(image courtesy of Owen Owen trust)

On the 16th June 1978, the business of Suters Ltd (Slough and Uxbridge) and it's wholesale merchant Fisher and Denning was sold outright to Owen Owen of Liverpool, a company which already owned 22 stores in Britain plus some more in Canada.

The Suter family ended their involvement with the two stores.

Suters traded as an "Owen Owen store" for a number of months as this advertisement from October 1978 illustrates, however as the annual report to 27th January 1979 says "from November both stores have traded under the Owen Owen name"

Owen Owen Slough in the 1980s era image courtesy of Slough 1970' Facebook Private group

The two stores remained under the Owen Owen brand till the late 1990s and naturally many of the Suters staff moved over to Owen Owen and many more joined the company post Suters era.

Owen Owen High Street Slough - (image courtesy of Owen Owen trust)

In May 2017, Philip Suter was contacted by Karen Sloss the trust manager of the Owen Owen Trust and this information has been provided for the Suters Department Stores website.

Founded in 1900 by Mr Owen Owen to provide financial support to the employees of his department store business, the Owen Owen Trust has over the years supported several thousand past employees and is always looking to identify more.

The Trust wants to hear from past employees of the Owen Owen group who have not previously thought of requesting support through the Trust to contact them.

Over its life the UK business owned Twenty one Owen Owen stores, Three T J Hughes stores and employed over 3,000 people. It was a major presence in Slough and Uxbridge, when it took over the stores from Suters in 1978. It remained on the high street in Slough for 18 years and Uxbridge for 20, when it was sold in 1998.

Sadly the company no longer exists but the family spirit of the Owen Owen Group lives on with the Trust still managed by Trustees who worked in the business together with David Owen, the grandson of Mr Owen Owen.

If you have more than 2 years service, are aged over 60, in-need and satisfy the income criteria, then you may be provided with help in a number of ways by the Trust.

If you believe that you qualify or know someone who may qualify call the Trust on 0151 237 3985 - 24 hour answering machine, or email karen.sloss@owenowentrust.org.uk We don't fundraise as we are a legacy Trust, we are just looking for more beneficiaries.

They have a Facebook page Here and they update this regularly with reunion details or our afternoon teas.

(Images courtesy of Gloria Hooper and Caroline Cox at SLOUGH 1970's facebook)

(image courtesy of Owen Owen trust)

(image courtesy of Russ Suter)



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