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International Moving. Frustrating, fraught or fun? by Dick Suter

Whether you're moving a few hundred kilometers from one country to another or travelling thousands of miles when changing continents, reclocating can be a real hassle. But if the move is well planned and executed, it can be drama free and you may obtain a real buzz from the experience.

For the move to go without unnecessary frustration, it's worth selecting an international moving company which is experienced in the business, one that is sympathetic to your requirements and that has first class agents in every corner of the globe to ensure that an equivalent service to its own can be provided. In fact, choosing a moving company purely on price, can be disastrous.

"Moving is seen as one of the most difficult experiences in life," says Nicolas Sepulchre, who heads up Trans Euro in Belgium and Luxembourg, "as it is physically and mentally tough to take. For our corporate clients who relocate their employees world-wide, it is essential to make the move as smooth as possible."

His company conducted a survey with the assistance of the American Counselling Centre to analyse the impact that relocation has on young children. The results he reports, "were extremely interesting and showed that the effects were, in most cases, terrible." Children were frustrated and afraid, showing that their parents gave very little time in explaining the relocation, the reasons for moving or information about the new country. Some children, he says, were only informed the day before the move that they were going to relocate.

"As a result of the survey," he continues, "we decided to produce a Children's Pack which is designed to help children in the preparation of the move. It includes a workbook, games, colouring books, stickers, special packs and a camera."

Because he believes the job of a moving company is more than simply a case of emptying one home of its contents and transporting them to another, he tries to encourage corporate clients to give as much time as possible to preparing their employees for the move and spending time discussing it with their families.

The company was created five years ago and has significantly increased its turnover since, "but," says Sepulchre, "although we have seen notable growth, we do not want to grow too big too fast. We want to build steadily."

It's always satisfying when someone tells you that they're pleased with the job you've done, especially when they take the time and trouble to write to you. A recent letter from a client recently moved back to the USA, states: "I wanted to let you know that both Trans Euro and the US movers have performed excellently in our move. Trans Euro was incredible. The attention to detail, care in packing and customer service was way beyond my expectations. I can state that they could not have performed better for us...... Compared with the move from the US to Belgium, this was a masterpiece." Praise indeed.

©Dick Suter - 1998

Original article appearing in "Internationals in Belgium" Dick Suter was an editor of the magazine and contributor and Ginny Suter was a regular contributor in the late 1990's and 2000's - The magazine had a circulation of 10,000 Please note that this article was first published many years ago and telephone and fax numbers are likely to be out of date and email addresses have been removed.

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